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But, I just want to lose weight!

On a warm sunny day in Madison, Wisconsin, I was sitting with a dear friend who knows of the empowering body positive work that I am doing. She asked me a question that was so good, I just thought I had to write about it. This is what she said (more or less). “I know you’re […]

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Rebel Wellness Woman

What is Rebel Body Confidence?

I am a rebel.

I have body confidence. 

In an age where we are bombarded with thousands of messages daily telling us how broken, ugly and imperfect we are, having body confidence makes you a rebel, a warrior, a goddess, a lighthouse. 

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Showing Up for Your Self-Care

Yesterday, I taught a yoga class at noon.  The room was warm, mats were laid out in a random pattern on the floor, people started to settle in. I had burned some palo santo, so there was a woody, somewhat sensual smell that wafted through the room. I was creating a sacred space for these yogis to breathe, pray, lay it all down. As I watched them settling down on their mats, I was filled with a deep feeling of respect for their presence in that room. 

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