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Things I forgot in 2017

This year was full of activity, surprises, disappointments, illness, love, cookies and so much more. I caught myself yesterday saying “2017 kicked my ass…” and as I said it something didn’t quite ring true. Yes, I often felt like my proverbial ass was handed to me this year. Obstacles were put in my path that I wasn’t prepared to handle, I saw some relationships come and go, I felt deep darkness at times. 

Reflecting on a year is one of my favorite things to do. It gives me the opportunity to take stock of myself, my goals, and where I am spending my energy. 

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Showing Up For Someone Today

The last few weeks have been a bit of a doozy for me, and I’m happy to report that the stress has vibrated through me and I’m back to finding some brightness, playfulness and fun.  The main reason for this turn around is that I was given a bowl of soup. 

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Why We Need To Let Go

This week I let go of the first house I ever purchased.  This house was purchased when I was 5 months pregnant with my son – in prime “nesting” season.  With a few brave friends, I painted the entire house in bright cheery colors.  I didn’t really pay attention to the trim (or being accurate for that matter). I brought my new baby home to this house. I laughed hard in this house. I cried hard in this house. I grieved here. I celebrated here. After 7 years, it was time to let it go.

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42 Things I am going to do in my 42nd Year

This week I turned 41.  I spent the morning with my boys snarfing blueberry pancakes and the rest of the day watching the plumber install new pipes in our utility room.  Yes, folks, I lead a life of GLAMOUR.
I had some time to think though of things I want to do as I start off my 42nd year and that got me rather juiced up and excited. Here they are…

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My Mom

Mother’s Day is on Sunday. I’ve always been close to my Mom.  Sometimes painfully too close. She’s been my best friend, my confidant, the person who really knows all my shit and still loves me.  I know that I take her for granted, because just knowing that she is around, out there in the world, doing her thing, brings me peace.  She’s a remarkable woman who I’ve looked up to since I was wee.

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A Dream Realized

Two years ago, I created a vision board and taped a picture of Costa Rica right in the middle of it.

I had a dream of leading a retreat in Costa Rica. Why this location? I have no idea, it just seemed exotic and beautiful. I wanted to lead a group of yogis on a dream vacation that included yoga, meditation, insight and action but I had no idea how to do it.

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grief + asana: the yoga of opening the soul

Yesterday I cried quietly for the entire duration of a yoga class.  It wasn’t my intention at all to “release” anything during practice, in fact when I bopped into the studio, I thought I was feeling quite chipper.  Look at me, I’m doing FINE.  Everything is A-OK. The real question is how are you? (deflect, deflect, deflect)

Class began. I took my first breath.  My teacher said “gather yourself” and as I exhaled deeply from my gathered inhale, I felt the emotion rise up from deep within my body and the raging river of tears swelled up and tumbled to the mat.  A river of silent tears.

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Feelin’ Happy…..

A dear friend of mine, Caroline, posted this video on Facebook today with the caption “This is my anthem for 2014. I can’t stop listening to it. Can’t stop grinning my fool head off. You know, because I’m happy…”

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Closing the year with grace

If I had to sum up this past year, it would be that life is beyond amazing.  I’m not being all pollyanna, really, I am truly amazed at what is possible.  The past year held some extreme highs, and some devastating lows, and a whole lot of deliciousness in the middle.  I can safely say that I learned more this past year about who I am and who I am not than any other year in my life. 

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Taking the Should Out of the Holidays

I should be making cookies. I should be creating a yearlong photo album that documents the 6th year of my son’s life. I should go to the mall and pick up some gifts.  I should find some time to exercise.  I should be handcrafting some sort of Pinterest-inspired pencil holder for our kindergarten teacher.  I should finish all my year-end reports.  I should organize my finances and get a head start on my taxes.  I should organize the junk drawers and donate my clothes to charity.  I should.

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