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Sometimes life blows up….

On August 24th, I woke up and started my Thursday like every other day. Coffee, news, cuddles with my family. My friend and regular student at Perennial Yoga and Meditation, Meaghan Heires, woke up the same way. Just another ordinary day. No reason to think otherwise.  However, while she and her finance Mike were at […]

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Leaving the Self-Help Section Behind

I am a life coach. I survive on a healthy diet of books, tapes, webinars, and Super Soul Sunday. I have spent millions of dollars over the course of my life trying to figure out who the hell I am, and what my true purpose in life is. I have been uncovering my “authentic self.” Yesterday, I had an epiphany.

I just may murder the next person who says “authentic self.” I am totally over self-help.

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Q&A Tuesday: On Setting Boundaries

This is a new feature called Q&A Tuesday – submit a question and I’ll tackle a new issue each week!

QUESTION: I work in a field where I am totally unprotected – I can be fired “just because.” Because of this and my ‘old’ people pleasing habits, I have trouble creating boundaries at work. I take on my boss’ stress like it’s my own and it impacts my mental health. What is a healthy way to set limits while not living in fear of losing my job, making my boss mad and protecting my own time and happiness? The stress from work comes home way too often.

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What Sam Smith Taught Me About Being Sexy

The first time I heard Sam Smith on the radio, I thought he was the sexiest man in the entire universe. His voice so smooth and beautiful and I could listen to it all day. His tone is so clear it is angelic. In a word, I was crushing…

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42 Things I am going to do in my 42nd Year

This week I turned 41.  I spent the morning with my boys snarfing blueberry pancakes and the rest of the day watching the plumber install new pipes in our utility room.  Yes, folks, I lead a life of GLAMOUR.
I had some time to think though of things I want to do as I start off my 42nd year and that got me rather juiced up and excited. Here they are…

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My Mom

Mother’s Day is on Sunday. I’ve always been close to my Mom.  Sometimes painfully too close. She’s been my best friend, my confidant, the person who really knows all my shit and still loves me.  I know that I take her for granted, because just knowing that she is around, out there in the world, doing her thing, brings me peace.  She’s a remarkable woman who I’ve looked up to since I was wee.

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Drama at the Grocery Store….again..

I’m not proud to say that I have a really bad habit of getting into altercations in grocery stores. I have no idea why this happens. Once it was when I witnessed a mother close fist hit her 9-month-old child in the dairy aisle. (totally justified right?  the police thought so…)

And then there was the time where I took my tire iron to the back window of a truck (in the parking lot of a grocery store, does that still count?) when a ridiculously drunk man left his 3 dogs in the car with no windows open in 105 degree weather. (I called the police myself for that one…)

Needless to say, my family doesn’t let me go shopping very often.

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Suda, the painting elephant

By now, if you follow my blog, you know that I am obsessed with elephants.  This was posted on Facebook today by a dear friend of mine, and I just wanted to make sure I didn’t lose it.  It reminds me that we are not alone out there, that we are connected and that the world is an amazing, vast, mystical place….

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Closing the year with grace

If I had to sum up this past year, it would be that life is beyond amazing.  I’m not being all pollyanna, really, I am truly amazed at what is possible.  The past year held some extreme highs, and some devastating lows, and a whole lot of deliciousness in the middle.  I can safely say that I learned more this past year about who I am and who I am not than any other year in my life. 

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Meeting His Holiness the Dalai Lama

There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness.  ~His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama This is the story of the day I met the Dalai Lama.  It’s a story about love and sweetness and the happiest person I have ever […]

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