Rebel Body Confidence Workshop May 5th

My sweet friends – I am writing this little blog to tell you about something that is very important to me. I am offering a workshop on May 5th at Perennial Yoga and Meditation in Fitchburg, WI at 1:00pm. This workshop is the culmination of a year of work that I have been doing on body confidence, acceptance and learning how to live like an empowered warrior goddess.

This workshop is open to women only (just this one time) cis and transgender alike. I invite you to bring your mom, your daughter, your friends, your cousins…anyone who wants to learn how to feel better in their body.

You can register for this workshop HERE. Cost is $40.

Here is the write up from the Perennial website:

In our culture today women are bombarded with messages about how we are not enough. Messages that we are not thin enough, strong enough, young enough, or beautiful enough flood the television, films and even our personal social media feeds. The U.S. diet industry rakes in over 66 BILLION dollars every year preying on women’s sense of disconnection from themselves. 75% of American women are currently on a “diet.”

I spent over 30 years struggling with my body shape and size, my imperfections and flaws. I felt that my life would be good once I lost weight, bought that wrinkle cream, took that fitness class, had better clothes. etc…

Until one day I woke up and realized that I was the cause of my own dissatisfaction. I have the choice how I want to treat my body, my own monkey mind, and my adventurous spirit. I started to get really, really ANGRY that society was telling me that I wasn’t beautiful because I didn’t look like the models in the magazines. I started to rebel against the idea that I was “supposed” to lose weight, treat my smile lines, and abhor the cellulite on my thighs and butt. Screw that. Madison Avenue can kiss my lily white Midwestern keister.

Through my yoga and meditation practice, some really helpful coaching, and a support network of strong women, I began to accept myself for who I really am. I began to love my curves and embrace my imperfections. This process was so intensely changed my life for the better that I am dedicating myself to sharing it with others. I want to show you the path to body confidence so you can feel as good in your skin as I do in mine.

If you want to live a life of confidence, empowerment, and deep connection with your body and soul, then this workshop is for you.

Please join me for a two and a half hour mini-retreat at Perennial. This sweet treat of an afternoon incorporates a sweet slow flowing yoga practice, some rockin’ music (and some super chill relaxing music as well), and activities that will leave you feeling that your body is the most precious gift you’ve ever been given. Bring your best friends, your daughters, your sisters, your mother. Join a circle of women who are ready to rebel against the idea they aren’t enough exactly the way they are. Uncover what you already know…that you are divine, beautiful and worthy of all the gifts you possess.

Please bring a yoga mat, a notebook, and a small token of beauty. If you don’t have a mat, Perennial will provide you with one.

You can register for this workshop HERE. Cost is $40.

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