I am a wild woman…

I wrote this poem after a particularly amazing yoga class in the mountain paradise of Costa Rica in February, 2018.

I am a wild woman.

My curly messy hair shoots out of my head like Medusa’s snakes. There is a fire in my belly and a rapture in my heart. I have strong shoulders to support your truth and big breasts for you to lay your head.

I am a wild woman.

My ass is big and I bounce it to the rhythm of the drum around the fire. My belly is soft, the home of my babies that grew under my heart.

I am a wild woman.

My feet are grounded in Mother Earth, reminding me that I am one with nature and never far from her loving embrace. My strong legs carry me around the world as I explore and play and feel the infinite expansiveness of the universe.

I dance. I shake. I flail.

I cry. I laugh. I love.

I am a wild woman.

I roar in pain. The pain of forgetting who I am and looking outside myself for someone to define me. I beat my chest to bring myself back to center. I breathe.

You may not understand me. It’s ok. You don’t have to. I understand myself. Deeply. I am one with my primal nature.

I find peace in practice. Deep, soulful, playful practice.

I am a wild woman.

I love passionately. My desires are felt deep within my cells. I express myself through connection. I need your soul to connect with mine. I have no interest in superficiality.

I am Shakti. Feminine strength. Embodiment of heart. I surround myself with other wild women, loving and patient men, children and animals.

I am a wild woman.

Who are you?

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